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Drs. Krissa Skogen (right) and Katie Sizeland, of Sydney, Australia, travel by Zodiac near Port Lockeroy. Photos submitted
The 100 women who took part in the Antarctic expedition pose for a photo in December 2019.
Dr. Krissa Skogen stands next to the only two flowering plants to occur on the Antarctic continent.
Dr. Krissa Skogen took this photo of Adelie penguins.
Dr. Krissa Skogen among icebergs and brash ice, the result of glacial calving, in Cierva Cove, Antarctica.
Katie Copenhaver, Freelance Reporter
2:47 am CST January 30, 2020

Antarctica is the most unique continent, environmentally, geographically, and politically. While citizens all over the world might be curious about it, only a small percentage ever have the opportunity to visit.